which is ” best hosting for new website ?” . all new Clint and new website owner are confuse for this question. and always he had not knowledge about the hosting and domain. so many time they fill bad experience after buy hosting. here is sum knowledge what is key feature you should in mind before buying hosting .

finding good web hosting is tack lot of time and money . we will invest so much time and money for finding good web hosting service. because we have tried so many hosting for our site and our client site. after then using so many hosting we are provide you key feature you should check before buying any hosting

hosting is most and impotent part for website, it start so cheep to so expensive. so so many hosting company start paid marketing for create big image for customer mind . they start so many paid end expensive tv ads and social media ads to deal with customer, they brand is big but there hosting quality is very bed. some company are not invest money in marketing they invest money in good customer experience. so meany website and blog are close in first year because every new beginners and i am also buy first time hosting is big brand so we can’t rank in google and 80% website close in first year. so pleas read this article if you wean’t start new website or blog.

up-time and load time ?

Best Hosting is depend on Up-time and load time. most and impotent factors for best hosting. Before buy any hosting you should check there company up time and load time. you have know what is up time and load time. if any hosting server down so many time in the day. Downtime is the amount of time your hosting is offline.This means your hosting is ofline so your site is offline and if your site is offline you can lose your ranking or many other things. best time is 99.0%, 99.9%, 99.99% and 100% or load time means how meany time teak your site to completely load. if your site take more then 3 second to load so google not rank your site in first page because google want to provide best result for there users.

here is some list witch is point you should check before buy best hosting

Best Hosting in 2020 is:

Best Hosting in 2020
  • check up time load load time
  • check witch hosting provide server location is near by your targeted company
  • check how many bandwidth provide by hosting
  • check how many ram provide by hosting
  • check php version
  • check service of hosting company
  • SSL Provide it is must for all site rank on google

so please check this point and reside witch is batter for you. if you buy hosting so you also check witch type oh hosting is provide by compny

here is some list of type of hosting and i also mention which better for you

1 shared hosting

if your budget is low and you are not confirm for your website so you should buy shard hosting , 90% website use in first year shared hosting but please but best hosting. shred hosting means your server is shared so many users so your speed is down because of server capacity is limited

2 Virtual private server (VPS) hosting. A VPS hosting

Best Hosting

if you sure and you have a budget so you can go with VPS Hosting. VPS hosting means Virtual private server. in this hosting company provide you one private server so your speed and ranking is better than shared hosting

if you want use interserver hosting so click here

3. Dedicated server hosting

in this Dedicated server hosting, you can get your privet server. the full server is for you so it is so many fast and all control are in your hand. big website and new site use this hosting

4.Cloud hosting

this is advance hosting , cloud hosting with divide your server load different different cloud server . this is very advance feature of hosting and manage this hosting is by tack person because it some difficult for not tech person .

so here is the most advanced and regular user hosting type if you like so share this post and save your friend’s money and time if you like I will write a post for the best hosting company list by on my research and experience.

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thank you by best of luck your new project get success .

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